February 10-12

Little Rock, AR


Advancing Today’s Courts to Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow

February 10-12, 2019

Marriott Little Rock

Little Rock, Arkansas


NACM Midyear Conference

NACM’s 2019 theme of “Advancing Today’s Courts to Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow” focuses on current and new solution-based technology, programs, and services in today’s courts. Alternatives to incarceration, treatment for mental health challenges and substance abuse addiction, especially opioids, human trafficking, bail reform, immigration and domestic violence are just a few of the critical issues facing courts.  As society changes, courts must adjust their delivery methods for dispensing justice fairly and impartially. Meeting tomorrow’s challenges requires a trained workforce of court professionals who use innovative solutions, evidence-based and best practices, and community-based programs and partnerships.  

When we think of advancing today’s courts to meet the challenges of tomorrow we must be mindful of court professionals’ important role in ensuring access to justice. Courts must also serve and meet the needs of children, minority communities, the hearing impaired, self-represented litigants, non-English speaking persons, and those with disabilities and cognitive impairments.  Public perception of the courts is but one of the driving forces.  So, too, is a courts’ inherent responsibility for procedural fairness and justice in meeting the needs of our customers. Courts can and must improve access to justice by using technology and innovative solutions. The 2019 Midyear conference will explore these topics and more.

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Location & Venue

NACM Midyear conference will be held at the Little Rock Marriott, 3 Statehouse Plaza, Little Rock, AR 72201.


In addition to powerful learning opportunities, attendees will enjoy networking events, an exhibit show, shared interest groups, and more.


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