Courts & Society: Creating Public Trust Through Engagement & Innovation
July 21-25, 2019
The Bellagio
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Annual Conference theme is “Courts and Society: Creating Public Trust Through Engagement and Innovation.”  Courts have a responsibility to serve the citizenry and in fact, society depends and expects the courts to provide an impartial judicial process as the third branch of government.

This Annual Conference will focus on improving the public’s trust in courts through active engagement and innovation in the areas of:

  • access and fairness;
  • community engagement;
  • indigent legal representation;
  • problem-solving courts;
  • mental health and substance use;
  • civil justice improvement initiatives;
  • workforce management; and
  • technology

Addressing potential barriers to justice involving language, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity through active engagement and innovation enables a platform for court professionals to educate the public on how the justice system truly works. By creating innovative models that best fit each sector of local communities, courts may begin a dialogue to accomplish this goal.  Partnering with community groups such as faith-based organizations, and local school boards provides a means for courts to engage with the public to improve public trust and engagement.

Innovation can be the conduit to improving access to justice.  Providing access alternatives to reduce public travel to courthouses to obtain court services through technology is an avenue to accomplish such goals.

Creating public trust through engagement and innovation is more than an ideal; it requires action. Court professionals share the responsibility of building strategic partnerships with the communities we serve and must meet the challenges presented by our changing society and the demands placed upon us by our citizenry. The 2019 Annual conference will explore these topics and more.