Phillip Knox

Phillip Knox is the general jurisdiction court administrator for the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County.  He is responsible for the operations in civil, criminal, court-reporting, court interpretation, and jury services.  Mr. Knox previously spent four years as the deputy court administrator and six years as the family court administrator.  Previously, he worked as a general court operations administrator for the superior court; deputy court administrator in the Maricopa County Justice Courts; pretrial director in Yuma County, Arizona; and supervisor with the pretrial services program in Harris County (Houston), Texas.  He has received numerous awards, including the Child Advocates Inc. Speakers Bureau Appreciation Award, Arizona Family Support Council President’s Award, Arizona Supreme Court’s Excellence in Education Award (2013), and ICM Director’s Award of Merit for Applied Research for his study “Internal and External Barriers to the Implementation of an Integrated Family Court:  A Look at Family Courts that Work.”  Mr. Knox has served on the NACM board as a director (2010-13) and as chairperson of the Communications Committee.  He graduated from law school in Texas and holds master’s degrees in public administration and criminal justice management.  He is a Fellow of the Institute for Court Management (May 2000).