Karl Heckart

Karl Heckart is the chief information officer (CIO) of the Arizona Judicial Branch, a position he has held for over 17 years.  Mr. Heckart directs a staff of over 100 professionals, who serve 10,000 end-users in the courts of Arizona. His staff is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of a judicial telecommunications network connecting 200 Arizona locations. He has managed the statewide implementation of a case management system for general and limited jurisdiction courts, along with the development of adult and juvenile probation management systems. He was integral in the construction of a judicial data warehouse, which provides a cohesive statewide view of court information.  Mr. Heckart also directed the design and pilot implementation of an integrated criminal justice information system for Arizona.  He and his staff are currently engaged in the development and implementation of an e-filing initiative in Arizona.