David K. Byers

David K. Byers, Arizona’s administrative director of the courts, began his career in 1978 as the first director of the Foster Care Review Board.  Before being appointed administrative director by the Arizona Supreme Court in 1992, Mr. Byers’s past positions included director of the program services division, director of adult and juvenile probation, and deputy director of the Arizona Supreme Court.  He is the Immediate past chairman of the Arizona State Retirement System; vice chairman of the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission; a member of the State Bar of Arizona Board, Arizona Prosecuting Attorney’s Advisory Council, Governor’s Drug and Gang Policy Council, and Department of Justice Global Advisory Committee; Founder and first President of the National Association of Foster Care Reviewers; and Cofounder of the Arizona Friends of Foster Care Foundation.  He served on the Board of Directors of the National Centers for State Courts and as president of the Conference of State Court Administrators from 2000-01.  In 2012, Mr. Byers was honored with the Gabe Zimmerman Leadership Award and nominated to receive the 2013 Warren E. Burger Award.  He is married, with three children and three grandchildren.  He holds a B.A. from Northern Iowa University and a master’s degree from Arizona State University.