William M. Delisio

William M. Delisio currently serves as the family law programs manager for the Colorado State Court Administrator’s Office. He is responsible for administering court programs in juvenile, domestic relations, and court-appointed professionals. At the state level, Mr. DeLisio has experience managing program budgets, leading teams of analysts and program specialists, overseeing policy matters, developing and implementing training, and devising specialized court programs. Before joining the State Court Administrator’s Office in 2005, he worked at the trial court in Colorado’s Seventeenth Judicial District as juvenile court program coordinator. In the trial court, he was primarily responsible for the daily supervision and management of operations in the juvenile court division, including analyzing work flow, supervising court staff, handling case management, coordinating training, and monitoring data integrity. Mr. DeLisio worked closely with judges, magistrates, the clerk of court, the district administrator, and numerous governmental agencies and community organizations.