Sandra Metcalf

SANDRA METCALF is the director of the Juvenile Services Division for the 20th Judicial Circuit Court and president of Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20. In addition, Ms. Metcalf is the vice president of the Michigan Association of Family Court Administration and a founding member of the Michigan Female Responsive Task Force. She has extensive experience as the female-services consultant for the State of Michigan and was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to the Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice, the state advisory group. She has trained professionals on such topics as neurobiological gender differences and juvenile justice; female-responsive programming; cutting and self-mutilation; trauma-informed care, mental health disorders, and substance abuse; school- and community-based program development; grant writing; and community development on local, state, and national levels. She also has extensive experience facilitating organizational strategic planning. Ms. Metcalf is a Fellow of the Institute for Court Management of the National Center for State Courts.  She is a certified forensic counselor and is certified in the neurobiology of the genders.