Renee L. Kimball

RENEE L. KIMBALL is the deputy court administrator for the 43rd Judicial District of Pennsylvania. Ms. Kimball began her career in court management when she chaired the multidisciplinary committee to unify the family court in Pittsburgh under the best-practice principles of “One Judge/One Family.” Thereafter, Ms. Kimball began oversight of self-represented litigant services, where she envisioned, planned, and implemented reengineering practices to create a coordinated approach to managing the rise in the self-represented-litigant population in her county. Ms. Kimball serves on a statewide Access to Justice Committee and is NACM’s representative on the Self-Represented Litigant Network (SRLN). She attained a Bachelor of Arts and her J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. She graduated from the Institute for Court Management Fellows Program in May of 2013, where her project received the Vice President’s Award of Merit for Applied Research.