Rebecca Love Kourlis

Rebecca Love Kourlis believes in the foundations of the American legal system and has dedicated her career, both in and out of the courts, to ensuring that the system provides justice for all. She served Colorado’s judiciary for nearly two decades, first as a trial court judge and then as Colorado Supreme Court justice. During her time on the bench, Ms. Kourlis witnessed a system increasingly under attack from outside forces—one that was failing to deliver the justice she swore to uphold. So, in January 2006, she resigned from the supreme court to do something about it.  She established the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS), where she serves as executive director.  Her work at IAALS is resolute in its focus of continuous improvement of the American legal system and a logical offshoot of her accomplishments on the bench, where she spearheaded significant reforms in the judicial system relating to juries, family law, and attorney regulation.