Karen Westover

KAREN WESTOVER is a deputy court administrator and licensed attorney. She began her career in private practice with Mitten, Goodwin and Raup. Following six years of litigation experience, Ms. Westover joined Maricopa County Superior Court. During her early tenure with the court, she served as family court attorney, civil and criminal department administrator, and pro tem judge. For the past 12 years she has been a deputy court administrator/general counsel. She has overseen departments including interpreters, security, media, public-access services, e-courtrooms, and special projects, including administrator for the Criminal Tower for the last year of construction and through the first year of operation. She now works with superior court regional and limited-jurisdiction courts and has joined the National Center for State Courts as a consultant for access/limited-English-proficiency issues. Throughout her life she has enjoyed countless public-speaking and teaching opportunities and has a passion for her topic. She holds a law degree from Brigham Young University.