Hon. Paul Herbert

HON. PAUL HERBERT is a lifelong resident of Columbus, Ohio and has been practicing law for 27 years. After a brief time in private general practice, Judge Herbert joined the staff of the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office and served as a trial attorney. In 1991 he became the chief of staff for the Franklin County Municipal Court Clerk’s Office. In 1996 he assumed the role of clerk of court, where he spent the next seven years before being elected judge in 2003. Judge Herbert was reelected to that position in 2009. While serving as a judge, he proposed a specialized program focusing on human-trafficking victims who have been charged with the misdemeanor offense of solicitation. CATCH (Changing Actions to Change Habits) was started in September 2009. Women now have a safe path to exit this vicious lifestyle, and they are being reunited with their families, are not committing new offenses, are furthering their educations, and are giving back to the community in significant ways. Judge Herbert graduated from the Ohio State University and Capital University Law School while working and attending school at night.