Elaine Nugent-Borakove

ELAINE NUGENT-BORAKOVE has more than 25 years of experience conducting research and providing training in both the criminal and juvenile justice systems. Currently, as the president of the Justice Management Institute (JMI), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the administration of justice, she leads several national-level justice system improvement efforts, including the development of NACM’s new Core Curriculum, as well as the Urban Court Managers Network, the Rural Court Improvement Network, the Smarter Sentencing Initiative to Reduce Recidivism, and Project Management for the Revision of the NACM Core Competencies. In addition, she is leading JMI’s work with the MacArthur Foundation to help build more just and effective local justice systems as part of the Safety and Justice Challenge. She has also served a member of the Evidence-Based Decision Making Initiative consortium and helped develop the framework for evidence-based decision making in local criminal justice systems. Before joining JMI, she served as the director of research and evaluation for the National District Attorneys Association, where she led efforts to assess prosecutorial workload and effectiveness and to advance the ability of prosecutors to respond to emerging and persistent justice system issues. She has published extensively on the justice system in areas related to prosecution, performance measurement, sexual violence, and criminal justice system coordination.