David Wasson

DAVID WASSON has over 20 years of innovative and executive experience in the public sector. He has extensively trained line staff and management alike in leadership, management science, and various industry-specific topics. As a court administrative executive for ten years, Mr. Wasson has directly handled security issues for a large urban jurisdiction with multiple facilities. His passion is to help “move” the courts to the forefront of innovation that makes a difference. As both an administrator and lawyer practicing in the courts, he understands both why and how a new way of “thinking” needs to take place to improve the court’s public perception and the delivery of its core services. He recently retired from the United States Army Reserves as a major after 21 years as a judge advocate general, having served on both the continental United States and overseas. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Temple University, he obtained a J.D. from Temple Law and an M.B.A. from Eastern University.