Alyce Roberts

ALYCE ROBERTS is the special projects coordinator for the Alaska Court System. As a member of the court’s senior staff, she is the Administrative Office of the Courts’ primary liaison with the clerks of court. In this capacity, she is responsible for developing the annual statewide clerks of court conference program, facilitating the sessions, and serving as a presenter. Ms. Roberts regularly works with court colleagues and justice partners to propose revisions to court rules and develop statewide clerical procedures. Most recently, she was one of the primary drafters of the Alaska Court System’s revised Civil Rule 4(e) providing for service on absent defendants through nontraditional means, including posting on a newly established court-system, legal-notice website; e-mail; or other social media. She helped develop the court’s legal-notice website and prepare self-help information for estate cases. She serves on the Alaska Supreme Court’s Civil Rules Advisory Committee. She has worked for the Alaska Court System since 1989, holding a number of positions, including clerk of court in Anchorage (the state’s largest general-jurisdiction court). She is a Fellow of the Institute for Court Management (2010).