Tom McCaffrey

Thomas McCaffrey is the Criminal Court Administrator for the 5th Judicial District of Pennsylvania (Allegheny County). Mr. McCaffrey was appointed as the Criminal Court Administrator in December of 2012. As the Criminal Court Administrator, Mr. McCaffrey is responsible for the operation of the Adult Probation Department, Pretrial Services Department and the Criminal Court operations at the common pleas level.

Prior to being appointed to the position of Criminal Court Administrator, Mr. McCaffrey worked as the director of the Allegheny County Adult Probation Department. As the Chief Probation Officer, he was responsible for the supervision of approximately 20,000 offenders active on Probation or Parole. Mr. McCaffrey also worked as a Court employee as the Director of the Pretrial Services Department. He was responsible for the development of this department which continues to receive national recognition for best practices in administering pretrial justice in an evidence based environment. Prior to the development of Pretrial Services, Mr. McCaffrey worked as a probation officer, supervisor, and manager with the Adult Probation Department. Mr. McCaffrey is an active member of the National Pretrial Executives Network board sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice National Institute of Corrections. He also consults as a peer reviewer for the U.S. Office of Justice Programs. Mr. McCaffrey is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh school of Social Work and is married with three children.