Scott Graves, Ph.D.

Scott Graves, Ph.D., is Court Research Associate with the Research Division of the National Center for State Courts. Dr. Graves joined the NCSC in 2011. Previously he was faculty in the political science department of Georgia State University, specializing in judicial politics and research methodology. He has conducted research on judicial selection and retention methods, economic and technology issues in courts, litigation and case processing, and judicial ethics and recusal. He is the author or co-author of articles on state criminal justice, election litigation, antitrust in the courts, and a book about judicial recess appointments. His work with the Center has included evaluations of problem solving courts and other judicial programs and policies, data collection using complex survey and sampling methods, case and workload forecasting, risk assessment, model-building for incomplete data structures, and simulation. Dr. Graves holds a Ph.D. and a Masters degree from Stony Brook University in New York.