Paul Embley

Paul Embley is NCSC’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Director of Technology. Mr. Embley has 30 years of experience focused on managing private sector and government IT projects, including 5 years as NCSC’s CIO. Mr. Embley is responsible for chairing several national projects and programs, including NCSC’s internal Information Technology group, and developing technical standards for the courts.  He is the co-chair of the XML Structure Task Force, a member of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Business Architecture Committee (NBAC), and a participant in the DHHS Children, Youth, and Family Services domain. Mr. Embley is frequently asked to evaluate IT systems, recommending organizational changes and process improvements.  Prior to joining the NCSC in 2007, Mr. Embley was a valuable resource to many national and international agencies on standards and Information sharing. Among other positions, he served as the Senior Director for Standards at G&H International in Washington, D.C., where he participated in and advised NIEM groups and chaired the NBAC. As a contractor with MSSI/Lockheed Martin, Mr. Embley also successfully led the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s complex Unified Criminal Justice Systems project.