Laurie K. Dudgeon

Laurie K. Dudgeon administers the Judicial Branch budget, monitors legislation, and works with county, state and national officials on court-related issues and provides administrative support to Kentucky’s 403 elected justices, judges and circuit court clerks. Laurie adapted the AOC’s organizational structure to meet the current needs of the courts, relocated the AOC into a renovated single building owned by the Commonwealth and reduced costs to accommodate deep state budget cuts during the recession. Under her leadership the AOC has made groundbreaking changes to its pretrial release process and helped implement penal code and juvenile justice reform. The AOC’s KYeCourts project includes eFiling and CourtNet 2.0 statewide and plans for new trial and appellate case management systems. Laurie is on the COSCA board, a member of the Joint Technology Committee for COSCA/NACM, co-chairs The National Task Force on Fines, Fees and Bail Practices for CCJ/COSCA and is an alumna of the Toll Fellowship Program. She has practiced law in Kentucky and South Carolina and was executive director of the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy. She has a bachelor’s degree and juris doctor from the University of Kentucky.