Arthur W. Pepin

Arthur Pepin has been Director of the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts since 2006.  He oversees court administration, including case processing, information technology, budgets, and legislation.  Mr. Pepin is 2016-2017 President of the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA) and authored the 2016 COSCA policy paper, “An End to Debtors’ Prisons; Effective and Constitutional Fines and Fees Practices,” as well as the 2014 COSCA policy paper, “Four Essential Elements Required to Deliver Justice in Limited Jurisdiction Courts in the 21st Century” and the 2012 COSCA policy paper, “Evidence Based Pretrial Release.” He chairs the Bernalillo County Criminal Justice Review Committee and received the 2014 Warren E. Burger award for excellence in state court administration from the NCSC.  Prior to the AOC, he worked at the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office, the New Jersey Court of Appeals, a Philadelphia law firm, and in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps.