Russell R. Brown III

Russell R. Brown III is Court Administrator with the Cleveland Municipal Court, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, since August 2006. He joined the court in 1997 as a Magistrate and Mediation Coordinator.   He spent the prior seven years in court management  positions including Special Projects Officer, liaison between the court operations  and its IT department, and Deputy Court Administrator. Prior to joining the Judicial Branch, he practiced with a small private firm before serving the City of Cleveland as Assistant City Prosecutor, followed by Assistant Director of Law serving as counsel to the city’s departments  of Economic Development,  Community  Development  and City Planning.

Mr. Brown is a Fellow with the National Center for State Courts Institute for Court Management and a 2006 recipient of a Director’s Award of Merit for Applied Research for his project on the subject of Expungement and Collateral Sanctions, stating that greater fairness in the criminal justice system is warranted for past offenses where deserving persons have paid their debt to society.  He is on the faculty of the Ohio Judicial College teaching Leadership in the state’s NCSC Certified Court Management Program. He was also a member of the Executive Session for State Court Leaders in the 21st Century, meeting at the Harvard Kennedy School between 2008 and 2011.

Mr. Brown is Past President of the Ohio Association for Court Administration and a member of the National Association for Court Management.  He is licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio and a member of the Ohio State, Cleveland Metropolitan, and Norman S. Minor Bar Associations. He is an Air Force veteran and a member of the Lockheed C-5A Galaxy 1000 Hour Club with travels to numerous countries and regions of the world. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kent State University and his Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.