Exhibitor Staff Registration & Hotel


  1. If you don’t have your password or unsure if you exist in the database, email Stacey Smith for assistance.
  2. Each individual must log in as themselves and register – you cannot log yourself in and change the badge name field to another person!
  3. Please consult your email for the promo code to be entered in the PROMO CODE FIELD or you will be charged a registration fee.
  4. Register using this link.



Staff must first be registered for the conference before receiving instructions on making hotel reservations. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a hotel link to make your reservations. A deposit for the first night is required upon booking. 

As a reminder – companies that call you indicating they have special rates available are “pirate housing companies” and DO NOT represent NACM or the hotel. If they reach out to you, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT use their services. No legitimate hotel will ever contact you directly asking you to make reservations.