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American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) is a national membership organization providing education and certification for career professionals engaged in electronic/digital court reporting, transcribing, and other supportive roles. Our mission is to promote public awareness and acceptance of the electronic reporting industry.


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AllianceOne, a Teleperformance Company, interfaces with dozens of court case management systems and provides collection services for courts nationwide, including, Superior, Municipal, juvenile, criminal, civil and traffic. We achieve superior recovery with low to zero complaints. AllianceOne’s core values are: Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation and Commitment.


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Arconas’ extensive experience in public seating and our long list of satisfied clients and international awards give you the assurance that you are making a sound buying decision. Arconas provides seating for courtrooms, jury assembly, hallways as well as prisoner holding areas.


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ATI solutions dramatically improve the efficiency of Court staff, lower costs, and improve the public’s access to justice. ATI’s user-friendly yet powerful solutions include self-service portal (voice, web and text), unified communications, process automation and workflow solutions. ATI solutions are offered in cloud-based and premise-based configurations.

Computing System Innovations

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CSI is fully committed to providing only the highest quality, cost-effective products and services. CSI listens carefully and learns from the experiences of customers, understanding both software and hardware needs. Tremendous value is placed on customer feedback, which is directly extended into product development and services.


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CourtCall created the turn-key Telephonic Court Appearance Industry in 1995 and currently provides service to over 3,000 Courts in 42 states. CourtCall is an organized and voluntary way for busy attorneys to appear telephonically in court from their office, home, or other convenient locations. CourtCall saves attorneys valuable time, reduces the fees for the clients, and aids in reducing the cost of litigation for the Court.

Courthouse Technologies

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We are a boutique software firm that uses our expertise in jury management to provide your court with newest automation and technology. The goal is to make your life easier while streamlining your jury operation, adding convenience and saving you money!


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CourtSmart Digital Systems provides secured; fault-tolerant audio/video recording technology for court and administrative proceedings, interviews, video conferencing and security/surveillance. CourtSmart’s software technology is developed using open industry standards and non-proprietary hardware. CourtSmart technology offers true integration within our suite of audio/video offerings and other applications such CMS also written to ODBC standards. All products are developed and supported in the United States by CourtSmart’s industry leading support team.

CourtView Justice Solutions

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CJS delivers case information management systems that save time, eliminate bottlenecks, and keep you informed. Personalized dashboards, work queues, dynamic caseflow management, and quick snapshots of important information keep you on track and on top of your cases, persons, and activities. From electronic intake through decision-support, our solutions are efficient and reliable at every step.

Dewberry Architects

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Dewberry Architects Inc. is a full service design firm specializing in justice facility architecture. Dewberry works with local, state and federal court systems. Dewberry’s leadership in court design ensures clients the most current applications of security and technology, as well as fresh ideas to meet the challenges of courthouse architecture.

DLR Group

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DLR Group is an interdisciplinary architecture, engineering, planning, and interior design firm with offices coast-to-coast and in China. Our promise is to elevate the human experience through design. This promise inspires sustainable design for a diverse group of clients including local, county, state and federal court systems.

Enterprise Recovery Systems

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For 25 years, Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc.® has established a successful standard through our balanced approach to delinquent accounts resolution, quality assurance, and customer service. Our large state and federal contract experience has led us to develop a sophisticated collection system to manage clients at every level of government, including courts.

Fidelity National Technology Imaging

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Fidelity National Technology Imaging (FNTI) provides full-service document conversion services for both archived and ongoing projects throughout the US. FNTI has scanning centers around the U.S which provide scanning services of paper, film and fiche. To date, FNTI has successfully scanned and indexed over 2.5 Billion physical documents.

File & ServeXpress

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File & ServeXpress has established a comprehensive record of successfully working with courts throughout the country to implement electronic filing. We have existing e-filing and/or e-service projects in 30 states and a presence in more than 300 courts nationwide, including statewide CMS-integrated implementations in Delaware, Texas and the District of Columbia. We manage more than 165,000+ users and more than 40 million document exchanges per year.


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FTR’s comprehensive suite of products are used as the most up-to-date, cutting edge digital recording and workflow management systems for justice, government and law enforcement bodies globally – utilized in 18,000+ venues in all 50 states and in 61 countries. FTR’s unveiling of a whole new suite of software advancements at this year’s Annual conference is set to re-establish the parameters of best practice, while clearly outlining the cost savings of digitization.

GC Services

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Over the last two decades, GC Services has expertly processed court-ordered debt and established partnerships with more than 150 judicial districts nationwide. Our 8,500 employees in 30+ service centers handle over one million contacts per day, and to date, GC Services has managed court-related receivables in excess of $8 billion dollars.

Harris & Harris

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A national leader in premier receivables solutions for more than 45 years, Harris & Harris is committed to the highest level of service and results. Our agency/law firm combination offers a partnership tailored to your unique requirements with a debtor- friendly touch designed to protect your reputation.


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Heery’s professionals have designed more than 20 federal courthouses and dozens of county and municipal court complexes. We will work within your budget to deliver a project that achieves your design aesthetic, maximizes operational/space efficiencies, and enhances security. We bring an exceptional level of expertise to all assignments.


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ImageSoft provides productivity enhancing solutions to the justice community, including courts of all types and sizes. ImageSoft’s JusticeTech solution enables a court to create a paper-on-demand environment, reducing costs and improving employee efficiency and effectiveness.


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Infax proudly presents the CourtSight Suite. CourtSight provides key information to patrons at particular junctures, alleviating wayfinding confusion and allowing patrons to successfully navigate through your facility. The system provides real-time docket and jury information, displays building directories, videos, visual paging, and emergency alerts.


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InfoSend utilizes an advanced approach to offer innovative solutions for organizations seeking Data Processing, BillPrint & Mail, and eBusiness services. With customized, flexible, and secure solutions, choosing InfoSend as your outsourcing partner will significantly reduce total overhead costs while offering excellent service and quality. Together, let’s reach your customers more effectively.

Integral Recoveries

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A top performing collection agency that specializes in recoveringz unpaid judicial fees & fines. Integral works with over 70 Courts and has recovered over $72 million for its clients. We can help your Court generate significant additional revenue, often at no cost to your budget. Please contact us at 1-­(800) 660-­8450.


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From protecting individuals’ water rights in Africa to ensuring verbatim trial records in Kentucky, JAVS recording technology empowers the due process of law for everyone. With over 30 years of courtroom recording experience, JAVS focuses on creating AV delivery and recording solutions to meet the demands of hearing rooms and courtrooms. From public address to remote arraignment to open source access of recordings, JAVS promotes truth and accuracy.

Jury Systems

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Jury Systems Incorporated is, and always has been, singularly focused on Jury. At JSI we build, sell and support jury systems. We are dedicated to providing you the resources required to insure that your Jury Operation is a success. We understand that quality customer support is critical to your success. To that regard, our support is unparalleled in the industry.

Justice Systems

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Justice Systems has provided the most comprehensive integrated case management systems on the market for over 32 years. With the FullCourt Enterprise case management system and the CitePay electronic payment system, it’s easy to see that Justice Systems has The Right Solutions for the Justice System.


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Decisia is an online service for decision-making bodies wishing to provide easy and professional access to their decisions from their own website, intranet and extranet. Courts, boards, tribunals and agencies use Decisia to manage and self-publish their decisions and other related documents. Decisia powers their public websites, subscription services, or simply meets internal access needs.

Liberty Recording

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LifeLoc Technologies

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Lifeloc evidential breath testers serve Law Enforcement and help protect our Workplace. Our alcohol screeners benefit Corrections, Schools and Military testing. Lifeloc alcohol testing kiosks are deployed for 24/7 Sobriety and zero tolerance employee programs. Our personal breathalyzer is the world’s most accurate.

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson

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Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson is a national law firm and leader in collection services for governmental entities. The law firm offers collection programs, including current and delinquent taxes, fees and fines, and many other types of miscellaneous local, state, and federal receivables. The firm’s principal office is in Austin, Texas.

Mentis Technology Solutions

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Mentis has unleashed its game-changing, decision support system for judges, aiSMARTBENCH. This web-enabled solution is transforming the courtroom with efficiencies that exceed the current paper processes. Connecting with any CMS/DMS, aiSMARTBENCH aggregates case data and the full-text indexes of each case document creating a powerful retrieval and decision making tool.

MotionPicture Licensing Corp.

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The Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) is the leader in motion picture copyright compliance, supporting legal access across five continents and more than 20 countries.

Municipal Services Bureau

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Founded in 1991, Municipal Services Bureau (MSB) offers outsourced collections, payment-processing, and call-center services to over 600 courts nationwide. MSB increases the court’s revenue and ability to serve justice while decreasing your liability. MSB distinguishes itself based on Experience, Execution, and Ethics. For more information, please call 1-800-568-7004.

National Safety Council

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The National Safety Council is the leading safety advocate that prevents unintentional injuries and deaths with strategies based on research and collaboration. NSC partners with government, judicial bodies and private industry to develop critical initiatives which have led to seat belt and cell phone legislation and traffic violator program success.


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nCourt is a nationally recognized electronic payment provider servicing more than 2,000 government partners in 29 states. nCourt develops customized websites where citizens can make traffic, probation, property tax, bail and other payments online 24/7 using a credit or debit card. For more information, call (888) 912-1540 or visit today.


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The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) is dedicated to improving the administration of justice by providing leadership and service to courts. NCSC accomplishes this by providing education, training, technology, management, and research services to the nation’s state courts and courts around the world.

New Dawn Technologies/SUSTAIN

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New Dawn Technologies and Sustain Technologies are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Daily Journal Corporation. Together, these companies have more than 40 years of combined experience developing and implementing web-based, scalable case management software solutions for courts and justice agencies.

Penn Credit Corp.

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Penn Credit is a nationwide accounts receivables management firm. For over 20 years we have recovered monies owed our clients quickly and efficiently in a respectful and professional manner. From our client service staff to our collection specialists, we do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our clients.

Pioneer Technology Group

Booth 601 Website:

Welcome to our home city! Benchmark, from Pioneer, is a CMS for all court types. The paperless workflow will streamline the entire court process enabling courts do more with less. Benchmark includes onboard imaging, e-filing and recording, digital signatures, in- court processing, and most importantly, the service you have been missing.


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Technological advances now make it possible for RevolutionaryText to change the manner in which court proceedings are captured and court reporters are utilized. Use your reporter workforce more efficiently or use RevolutionaryText’s reporters in jurisdictions where you currently have coverage challenges. Stop by our booth and enter for a chance to win a Microsoft Surface 2 tablet, the new thin, light tablet with long battery life.

Speridian Technologies

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We design, build and support the best solutions in the world Speridian specializes in delivering the highest quality, most cost effective IT services to our global customers. We do this by building on our established capabilities.

Stratus Video

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Synergy International Systems

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Synergy International Systems is a global information systems provider that empowers organizations to achieve their performance objectives. Synergy’s Case Management System (CMS) is an integrated platform for managing the entire case lifecycle. Synergy CMS offers rapidly customizable modules for data entry, e-filing, case workflow management, document management, and scheduling.

Thomson Reuters

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C-Track, the innovative case management system from Thomson Reuters keeps cases moving efficiently through your court. C-Track provides a total court solution by integrating our e-filing, case management, and public access solutions with other court applications. Thomson Reuters has been a trusted partner of the courts for more than 125 years.

TouchPay Holdings

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TurboCourt® – Leading eGovernment technology for courts nationwide, including Arizona and New Hampshire. TurboCourt empowers judges, clerks, staff, and constituents with an award-winning 1-2-3 step process, including guided smart forms, e-filing, e-payment, workflow and more. TurboCourt’s high-availability, private-cloud platform optimizes customer experience, increases revenue and improves staff productivity.


Booth 304 Website:

Tybera provides electronic filing technology to courts, attorneys and government agencies statewide. Licensing its eFlex software allows courts to automate filing workflow and reduce manual data entry, and our CASEaDia PDF Binders feature is a great tool for judges to use to manage their daily docket-all from their desktop.

Tyler Technologies

Booth 402 Website:

Tyler’s industry-leading court case management software meets the needs of individual counties, municipal courts and statewide court systems. Odyssey® has become the country’s leading case management system, serving more than 500 counties in 21 states. And more than 750 municipal courts utilize Incode® court case management and document management solutions.


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The VersaKey programmable keyboard has helped thousands of individuals since it was first introduced in 1995 by reducing their everyday repetitive tasks to just the ‘touch of a button’. Across the country, VersaKey has helped courts improve their efficiency, accuracy and helped knowledge workers to get more done with less keying.


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At Xerox, our case and juror management systems have been licensed by more than 2,000 courts around the world to enhance the delivery of justice. Additionally, Xerox offers systems integration, justice revenue services, document management systems, imaging and microfilm conversion, violation processing and fine collection.