NACM Cares

NACM Cares for Communities

NACM is committed to giving back to the communities that host our conferences, and in Pittsburgh we have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many children. The Early Career Professionals (ECPs) are sponsoring a NACM donation drive for the Children’s Room in the Courts, established by the National Council for Jewish Women (NCJW).

The Children’s Rooms in the Courts serve hundreds of children each month, both from families with court business and jurors, at no cost to parents. Since 2001, the Children’s Rooms have provided almost 60,000 children with a safe haven removed from the stress and difficulties of the courtroom. This is the only such service in the country run by a non-profit. For more information about the Children’s Rooms, please visit their website.

The Rooms serve infants through teens. Each Room contains toys, games, books, crafts, computers, and video games. The Rooms offer free books for every child who uses the facilities to take home and keep, sponsor therapy dog programs, and provide basic clothing and supplies to women and children who come in times of great need.  All children who visit the playrooms receive snacks and lunch.  A director, trained staff, and volunteers operate the Rooms.

Items Needed!

32” TV
Assortment of DVDs
2 iPad Minis
Barbie/Ken and clothes
Baby swing
Folding strollers
Books for all ages
2 Handheld video game players and games – DS3
Baby dolls and clothes
Small cars and trucks
Baby toys
Small dorm size fridge
Coloring books for all ages and crayons

Whether you will join us in Pittsburgh for the annual conference or not, we hope you will join NACM in this effort. If you won’t be joining us in Pittsburgh, or you just don’t want the added weight in your bag, you can mail your donations to:

Misi Bielich
Children’s Room
440 Ross Street
First Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

ECP encourages you to get your court involved! Start the community service project in your home court to make it possible to give a generous donation on behalf of your court and NACM.  ECP looks forward to seeing you – and your donations – in Pittsburgh, PA!